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My Current Snack!

Ever since i was little i remember hating peppers. They tasted so bland to me, and unless they were chopped up and not detectable in my food they would not get into my system. Lucky for me and my adulting years, my taste buds have changed.

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Mental Health Month

You Are Important! It is nice to know that you are important and also that you are worth taking care of yourself. With this month dedicated to mental health, i thought i could focus on doing my checking in and speaking about a few of the issues that some of us may be facing. You…

A Ray of Sunshine in the Midst of a Storm.

It has been a minute since my last post. And prior to this small break it had been a minute since i was engaging in social media. Believe me when i say that this may be one of the hardest things i will speak about here on my blog. For starters, it is something very…

Relationship Goals 2021

Sometimes, lets keep it real, we just don’t like to hear advice from anyone when we are going through personal things within our life. Especially if it has to do with our relationship. We think that people are being intrusive at times, or we may not value their opinion to begin with, so we think…

Hurting? Look at what your expectations are.

Why do we set ourselves up for constant bad situations? Why is it that we sometimes find ourselves hurting over things we saw coming from a mile away? This and many other questions roam our minds at times. Our hearts ache knowing that what led to the heartache was the very things we saw over…


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