Mama Bear Moments

Kids are not our friends!

Who said that our children should be our friends? I mean, who suggested this idea? first of all, before I say anything else I would like to start by saying that I do believe that children should look to us parents as someone they can speak to openly and even over time develop a friendship that years down the line can be meaningful. I am referring more to when they are young and they still are trying to figure out who they are as individuals. you know that stage when they begin to get attitudes and think the world revolves around them. I love my children, don’t get me wrong, but friends… I’m sorry. I am busy being mom right now and it is hard to consider being a friend.

Kids take advantage!

If you treat your child like a friend they tend to start believing that they can disrespect you and just get over on you. It depends on the child and their personality, but over all, they do begin to take advantage. This is why it is my opinion to leave friendships for later on in life when they are older and more mature. When a genuine friendship will be meaningful. Children need parents above all else. They need to know that there are boundaries that they can’t cross, rules to follow, and just a behavior to uphold. This is not to take away from them their own sense of self. They can be who they want to be as long as it is within the means of not getting one over on us. We live and we learn though.

Being a mom in the city can be exciting!

Enjoy every moment because being a mom can blind you from being yourself. Take it one step at a time. 🙂