Ideas from dishes I make and new dishes I learn to make along the way! 🙂

1- Chicken Tacos Night! Family Favorite! 🙂

For breakfast I have been making fruit bowls. It is something quick and easy and very delicious!.

First you can pick what ever fruit you are in the mood in. Apparently as per my picture above, i was in the mood for banana, green apple, and green grapes. Along with your grains and your choice of nuts. I opted for the mixed nuts that brings raisins and even pumpkin seeds. Yum!

To be honest, I kind of over did it with all the fruits because you technically need just about one or two. Since i added the mixed nuts, I didn’t really need the grapes.

I had added a few slices of strawberries, which gave my Greek yogurt some flavor. Again, less is more. The peanut butter was a bit of an overkill, but it was still delicious.